Gared Steinke on racing his 125 in Pro Motocross

Going back to Thunder Valley, you were in training A. Does that make a difference to how your day goes, or does it even matter?
It’s a good question. I think it is important. In Colorado they ran the 450s first, so it was 450B, 450A, then 250A and 250B last. Being the third practice on the track is better than being the fourth, and in Colorado it was super deep and a little sloppy in practice. Not having to hit all those deep ruts and slow the bike down was a plus.

I saw a clip on your Instagram of Mitch Payton making some adjustments to your bike. What was all that?
Mitch is a really good friend of mine, believe it or not we’ve known each other for a few years now. We had some issues and I didn’t know what it was, if it was jets or what. I still haven’t figured it out, but he has that special ear and feel, so I took him up and asked if he could give him a quick little spin and feel, and that’s what ‘he did. Mitch said it sounded really good and the jet sounded perfect. I think the value of the bike went up a bit with Mitch’s blessing.

Whether you’re pit biking in Pastranaland or competing in national championships, it looks like you’re having a lot of fun there. Do you have any specific plans or are you just going through it?
Right now, we’re just living it. National races, supercross races, lots of pit bike races, all that stuff. We just got back from a pit bike event in Pastranaland and we are trying to do another one. I can’t share the results because they haven’t been televised yet, but I did pretty well and made a lot of money. Hopefully we will have another one this year. I also did a lot of stunts. I did a TV show for HBO, Virtuous Gemstones, and some dirt bike stunts for an unsold TV show. I just try to live life, keep both wheels going and try not to age so quickly.